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    What is 'The Miracle Frequency' all about?

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    Unable to take medication for Multiple Sclerosis, Helen began an alternative journey to save her health. In rapid decline, uncertainty and desperation, the journey was to become the metamorphosis of her whole being. From experimenting with her own applications of metaphysical concepts arose the conception and genesis of fusion7healing. The result was reversal in all symptoms, fully reclaiming her former healthy state.

    Her experiences, transformation, and passion for the evolution of consciousness, and every aspect of our being, inspired great changes in the lives of hundreds of others.

    The main body of this book contains 49 step by step processes provided from the fusion7healing foundation class. 


    This book is divided into three sections:

    Section One:

    My personal journey with multiple sclerosis. This section briefly describes experiences of the illness and other fundamental factors that inspired fusion7healing processes and this book, The Miracle Frequency.

    Section Two:

    Fusion7healing foundation techniques. Step by step guidance to 49 processes for transcendence.

    This self-help section provides practical applications of sacred wisdom and universal elements for any area of imbalance. It can be used to assist you, friends and family members, and even your pets.

    Section Three:

    The Mayan Galactic Adventure. This pilgrimage was inspired by the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012.  Joined by many professionals in the fields of ancient wisdom, metaphysics, and quantum technologies, this part of the book illustrates the completion and shedding of an old cycle and the genesis of a new one. The key insights and knowledge from this experience have a timeless quality; they are more than enlightening. They also validate the functions of the fusion7healing material. I feel blessed to be able to share them with you. My intention is to further inspire all in shedding the old and beginning the new in our very own lives.

    Are you ready to create your very own miracle frequency? Maybe–just maybe–that time has arrived . . .

    “It is my wish that we can all begin to experience ourselves as self- realized homoluminous beings of light and truth.”

    In Lak’ech  ~  I am another you.