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    What is the Delta Portal?

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    golden pyramid

    The Delta Portal, is one of many road maps we can use to create conscious connection to Primary Source.

    The Golden, shimmering pyramid of light, carries the delta wave signature, known for sleep in our modern world, yet an ancient secret that allowed the ancients to create cosmic flight to connect with the cosmic counterpart.


    This is, “The Delta Portal”

    Synchronize to your breath.

    Imagine being seated inside a beautiful golden pyramid of light.

    Imagine a golden light stream entering through the tip, and into the crown of your head.

    Let it flow throughout all of your space. It penetrates the ground below you.

    Imagine it penetrate all of mother earth.

    Draw it back up through your feet and let it flow through your space to your crown.

    Cast your closed eyes skywards. They are closed firmly without squeezing or pressure.

    The pyramid in Fusion7 corresponds to the Delta Brain waves.

    It is your ascension vehicle and rises up and out of the earth’s atmosphere and out into the universe.

    Sense it moving through all existence, past stars and planets, suns and moons, past sacred geometric shapes, colours, vibrations and sounds.

    Become aware of a sphere of light which in fact is an opening.

    Imagine your pyramid entering this light, where it merges with this light.

    There are no forms or beings, just pure shimmering light.

    This is the source of all creation, it is alive with consciousness.

    Imagine moving to the center, where the light becomes golden, it is the golden light of infinite wisdom.

    Immerse yourself into this light.

    It is filled with unconditional* love, the wisdom of everything you ever were, are and will ever be.

    It is filled with everything that ever was and everything that will ever be.

    It is all knowing and encompassing. It is bliss.

    Filled with this wisdom, allow your consciousness to flow back out into the shimmering light of Source, back out into the universe, back through the earth’s atmosphere, the sky and to the crown of your head..

    Once more, feel the golden light move through your space, to the soles of your feet, through the whole of the earth.

    Draw up the grounding energy of the Schuman Wave from the earth. Draw it up into your space through every energy center to your crown.

    Take a deep breath in, Exhale and open your eyes.



    Originally created for the fusion7healing foundation Class, and my book “The Miracle Frequency”.

    Foundation Class:  http://fusion7healing.com/?page_id=329

    The Book: http://www.amazon.com/Frequency–Transformation-Ascension-Evolution-Techniques-ebook/dp/B00Q4SF4QC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421223193&sr=8-1&keywords=book+the+miracle+frequency&pebp=1421309633585&peasin=B00Q4SF4QC