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    What is Samapana (completion)?

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    Maths - decoding sacred digits Geometry - sacred geometry Chemistry - spiritual alchemy History - cosmic & galactic history Physics - metaphysical & quantum sciences Biology - traditional Chinese medicine Social studies - Peace studies Languages - light languages Prerequisites: Breath work, Contemplation/meditation. Applied cosmic & natural law. Ecology, natural energy & sustainability studies. Health & consciousness cookery class. Non competitive P.E, tai chi, yoga, anything fun. Building & reforming new systems class: monetary, political, health, law etc. And what a wonderful world this would be...

    A seven day sacred pilgrimage that will run through the week ends of January 2015, starting January 10th.

    Deep, specific guided processes, that will take you deeply into the self, resurrecting the Hierophant from within.

    Everything in existence has gender. Samapana  brings catharsis and fusion of all aspects of multidimensional gender throughout all of existence:


    1. We are fire, water, ether, earth & prana. Retrieval and restoration each of the elements.

    2. Implementation of specific sacred geometric imprints to uninstall, transfigure and upgrade the micro and macro self.

    3. Implementation of prana, sonic codes & hand circuitries to enhance transcendence.

    4. Decoding the arcanum of antiquity, and ancient destiny.

    5. Decoding original spiritual alchemy, and self application.

    6. Utility of sacred science of multidimensional tree of life, frequency and sacred digital codes.

    7. Discovery of connecting Multidimensional DNA, to everything coherent, that is.


    For more information, look at ‘classes’ page, on this site.