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    What is Hieros Gamos?

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    Hieros Gamos (Sacred Union)

    These are our cosmic objectives:

    To reconnect to those of the same DNA lineage

    To prepare so that next 7 generations can overcome differences, as 65% of the population are ready for graduation.

    To trigger the awakening process or memories connected to the constellations.

    Retrieval & re assembly & completion of our soul codes.

     To reconnect to original soul planet, moving up one level at a time, so that earth can return to her 7th seed status, Hieros Gamos

    To complete our set of soul codes to all galaxies.

    To Organically incarnate through free will, in unition with earth.

    To access 7-18 other universes once we access our soul codes fully. We can start to meet and reunite with soul family minds.

    When one has an experience, sharing creates growth.

    We can then go on a consciousness exploration venture. We ca choose to extend  universal contracts to become a star/sun/galaxy. This then gains wisdom from its solar system. You can be a galaxy but not central sun. 

    Star patterns are changing, being influenced by our consciousness here on earth. 

    To heal interference of the graduation process; other star systems are being held up by ours.

    This is the purpose of Hieros Gamos.

    Exerpt from f7h Samapana class. Day 5.


    Art by Andre Baloche.