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    What is Divine Sequence?

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    This is when events arise in no particular logical or linear order as we know it.

    Much of the time, we are requested to flow with these events as they arise, as with divine sequence, there is always Dive Order, which can be masked in what appears to us, as chaos.

    Below is the real life example, extreme as it was, played out…


    The Irony I

    “It was a rough ride. Primarily I did all these healing methods and courses to heal myself. The funny thing about it, is that, although I wasn’t healed and was still having relapses, people were finding their way to me as a therapist. I guess they felt inspired and encouraged because I was dealing with it and felt that possibly they could do the same. In between relapses and recovery, I was making space for experience and education for myself as well as others all rolled into one. At times I felt like a hypocrite, being sick myself and still trying to heal others. I was always upfront, though, about the current state of my health. It was a bizarre combination, being patient, student, and therapist as well as teacher. Unknown to me at the time, this was simply the Divine sequence of events that would create a crystal clear path. Since I was not fully conscious of what was happening or why it was happening, there were undoubtedly higher forces of light guiding me in the right direction. In spite of my doubts and fears, it seems I was carried along, bringing me to where I am today. For this, I will be eternally grateful.”


      Excerpt from Th book “The Miracle Frequency”.  Page 15,