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    What are the functions and dysfunctions of linear time?

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    1. Files events in chronological order to assist placement of an event or object.
    2. Stimulates memory and recall.
    3. Encourages movement and direction.
    4. Determines measure of speed and distance between objects of attention.
    5. Determines planning of events at specific points in time, of day, week, month or year.
    6. Creates distinction between past, present and future. (Yesterday, today, tomorrow).
    7. Analysis of Statistics and comparisons can be produced to present decline or incline of a given situation in order to create change. (This time last year it was…where as today it is…)

    1. Rigidity.
    2. Creates false sense of truth and reality.
    3. Creates disharmony as cosmic truth and nature is non linear.
    4. Untruth: past and future lives.
    When all experiences run simultaneously.
    5. Untruth: karma & reincarnation (I keep coming back in chronological order)
    For those of us that have given our ‘consent’ to be a part of the karmic matrix, they are events that run in space, rather than linear time.
    6. Stimulates an imbalance between left and right brain.
    7. Constricts Hieros Nous (higher mind) and Hiero Thelima (divine will).

    Make the best of linear time (read previous post, how to be a master of time) yet masked the effort to know and embody out timeless nature.