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    What are our seven main psychic senses?

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    psychic senses

    The 7 Psychic Senses


    1. Empathic – gut feeling or physical sensation about a person/place/situation.
    2. Clairvoyant – an enabled pineal gland (3rd eye) to view without physical vision.
    3. Clairaudient – ability to perceive sounds or messages without the ears.
    4. Retro cognition – (past perception) & Precognition (future perception)
    5. Clairsentient – perceiving smells associated with person/situation.
    6. Clairgustance – perceiving tastes associated with the person/situation.
    7. Clair sensitive – ability to feel surrounding energies and non-physical consciousnesses. To sense touch without touching at a distance from object/person, by exteriorizing your sensitivity to the periphery of your energosoma.

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