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    energy fields

    Functions and mechanics of the energy systems:

    Within and around the human form, fields of energy reveal themselves as harmonic focal points, (chakras, or energy centers) and the energy fields, also commonly known as the aura, the torus, and the HEF (the human energy field).

    There are many more layers to the field, that extend outward, then becoming a part of the universal energy field, and many more harmonics that exist beyond the the main seven also. This can be understood when we consider examples, such as in the TCM meridian system: 12 principle merideans, and 8 extra ordinary channels, with approximately 400 + points, which function like mini energy centers.

    Similarly, there are a staggering  72,000 nadis of the ancient Traditional Indian medical system, that exist within and around the human body.

    All things considered, it is suffice to say, that much lies beyond the subconscious mind in terms of mind, conscious and subconscious.

    Through the study and application of metaphysics, we find that these energy systems are  transducers of information, stored in the form of varying degrees of vibrational frequency. 

    Much of this data pre exist and can also pre determine the functions of mind and emotion, conscious or unconscious, and physical well being. 

    Therefore, disclosing the function and mechanics of these systems via metaphysics, we can determine with great accuracy the root of our challenges.

    Once we have clarity on our vibrational status, we can proceed to address and transform our bio energetic matrix, effectively.



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