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    Were you affected by the Blood moon lunar eclipse?

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    For many yesterday was challenging.
    Here are some real life accounts of what was experienced by friends, clients and students:
    1. Intense and heavy atmospheric pressure.
    2. Breakdown and interference of electrical devices, including internet services.
    3. Intense conflicts, of personal, professional and legal matters.
    4. Intense raw emotions, particularly anger.
    5. Misunderstandings and poor communication.
    6. Lethargy.
    7. Accidents and potentially dangerous collisions and road accidents.

    There is no denying that this tetrad of eclipse phenomena is very powerful, the effects are still rolling on.

    The advice is, avoid negative events situations and people as much as possible.
    Breath deeply, be with yourself, stay grounded, be still and fully present.
    Be flexible, allowing challenging moments to pass.