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    Understanding the mechanics of Reincarnation, Time & Parallel Existences.

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    It is firstly important to understand the various concepts of time:

    1 Time exists under the law of illusion.

    2 There are many forms of time. Time space, space time, linear time, cyclical time, linear time and spiraling time, and no time.

    3 It is important to note, that movement and distance is measured in units of time.

    4 Without time, there is no memory, past, history or future. It is therefore impossible to reject any of the time models.

    5 All models of time  run simultaneously.

    6 By selecting a model of time, it will determine our reality and influence weather or not we choose to believe in,  and therefore partake in reincarnation cycles. For example, if we select linear or cyclical time, we would probably support, believe in and partake in the reincarnation mechanism. If we choose spiraling time, or space time, we may be supporting quantum theories and parallel existences.

    7 The truth of the matter is, that all of the above concepts are valid. We are multidimensional beings with the capacity to incarnate simultaneously, cyclically or linearly. The secret is to understand the implications of such choices at the soul level. Once we have a clear understanding on how time works we can become  alchemists of time, and avoid being enslaved to it.


    Helen Christodoulou

    Author. Mentoring. Metaphysical education