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    The Seven Benefits of Energy Body Transformation

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    The ability to to transform your light body has a direct impact on the quality of you existence at every level. This can be achieved by changing the density of the vibrational frequencies that you create, produce and emit.Locating imbalance in the filed is very precise, allowing for apocalypse (disclosure) of the issue.

    Gnosis (Knowing) is the first step of expanding awareness, in order to facilitate a transformation formula.

    1 Thoughts, beliefs and outmoded paradigms will shift.

    2 Repetitive (chronic) behaviors can be dislodged.

    3 Physical health issues can be indicated, managed or re-balanced.

    4 Limiting life scenarios and negative family legacies, or generational issues can be resolved.

    5 Past and future time lines affecting your present time line can be cleared.

    6 Structural errors in the field can be corrected. These may present themselves as holes, tears, leaks, cracks, disfigurements etc).

    7 Advanced energy fields present attributes that are finer in detail, than those of the seven energy field template. It is common to find answers here when we have not been able to access them, from our other metaphysical tools.


    fusion7healng: retrieval and application of vibrational alchemical principles for transformation.

    We are literally the shape shifters of our own reality.

    Advanced Chakras & Energy Fields retreat

    June 14th