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    The Sacred Fire Ceremony: by Maya Elder Elizabeth Araujo

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    “These are the callings for the 20 day calendar! All our needs are met from within our spirit.

    All of us are looking for a better world!

    Help us transform our consciousness.

    We give you this prayer, Father, give us peace.

    We pray for the orphans and widows, to all those that lose their loved ones due to war and famine.

    We thank you”.

    These are the invocations (as given by Elisabeth) for each of the 20 days of the Tzolk’in calendar:

    Kawoq For each Bak Tun, may there be blessings.

    Ajpu Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Earth. May there be Illumination.

    Imox – to protect our minds and thoughts. Spirit of the waters, to be free of contamination.

    Iq’ – wind and the air, improves our intuition.

    Aq’ab’al – dawn and dusk, awareness of pulsing of the earth. For the future.

    K’at – May we have freedom from ignorance.

    Kan – The feathered serpent. Awakening of the chakras. Let the force of life flow.

    Kame – honoring our ancestors, where we go to rest, and come from rest.

    Kej – honoring the pillars of heaven and earth.

    Q’anil – Blessed is the seed and essence of life. May all such seeds be protected, the seed of life and food. May there be food for all and everyone.

    Toj – honoring our debt to our creator. Our life belongs to our creator. Eyes to see beauty, legs to walk, arms to embrace; he gave us our sons and our daughters.

    Tz’i – honoring the spiritual law of solstices and equinox. May the authorities improve their consciousness by obeying spiritual laws.

    B’atz’ – The Cosmic thread, thread to write historical truths. The prayer of peaceful continuity.

    E – understanding equality beyond our differences. For voyage and travels, may we return with stronger spirits.

    Aj – The staff. Symbol of power. Bamboo, cane, reed-like our children growing up.

    I’x – Mother Earth. Women. Animals in jungle.

    Tz’ikin – Material needs. Represented by the bird–the intermediator between man and sky. May we have the opportunity and health to honor those needs.

    Ajmaq – Honoring great ancestors that gave us life. A day of reconciliation, with the self, others, and our creator.

    No’j – May we have knowledge and wisdom.

    Tijax – The double-sided knife. Cutting away the bad from the good (negativities)”.

    ‘There was a collective opening of the heart chakra. Elizabeth Araujo has very special “Pacha Mamma” energy. Each invocation was expressed from the heart, from the micro to the macrocosm’.

    Excerpt from the book “THE MIRACLE FREQUENCY” by Helen Christodoulou.