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    The Cosmic Frequencies of 2015

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    The movements in the Cosmos, can greatly impact man, this we have always known, however, did you know that Awakening here on earth has an impact beyond that which we know,upon the movements in the Cosmos?

    First Quarterly: New formations of cosmic spirals, assembled by unknown or lesser known planetary bodies. These spirals indicate the continual effect of DNA helix upgrades in the Hu-Man vehicle. These cosmic frequencies will be felt by those on a path of consciousness expansion, and will take this opportunity to enhance what is available.

    Second Quarterly: More members of the collective will be enabled to take greater effective action in relation to the quest of improvement to the current status of this planet, as the consciousness of man moves into greater alignment with Hieros Cosmicos Anthropos (Divine Cosmic Man) pouring the waters of upliftment into the minds and hearts of more beings, on planet earth.

    Third Quarterly: Greater momentum as Sophia gathers, as the truth tribe among  earthlings will grow. as political unrest and corruptions fester, lesser are the effects on humanity, as more face their fears and break the chains from the archonic grids of the physical and non physical domains, imposed on man since the beginning of The Game.

    Forth Quarterly: Humanity has never before been as ready as now, to receive frequencies that have never to been received before. Those that are ready will feel the benevolence of this bestowal. Those that are ready for this reception,  will be the conduits to pay forward  The  Great Work, in the continuity of assisting the self, as well as our earth family, in order to adjust to the changing conditions of our Great Earth Mother.  Humanity embraces greater humility, as it becomes exposed from eons of shadowed timelines, in to the realm of Greater Truth.