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    The 13 dimensions/densities of existence.

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    planes of existance


    ABC  (Accessing Beyond Consciousness)

    PLANES  –  These represent HEAD OFFICE

    DIMENSIONS/DENSITIES  –  are BRANCHES of the planes.

    There are many different perceptions of the various dimensions or densities that are in existence.

    These perceptions will differ from one person to the next. What is certain is the more issues we address through our personal transformation journey, the more we reconnect to sacred truth.

    Here is a list of the 13 densities:

    1st Density: Mineral kingdom
    2nd Density: Plant & lower animal kingdom
    3rd Density: Higher animal & lower human
    4th Density Low: Astral, lower emotional realms
    4th Density High: Etheric, higher mental realms
    5th Density Low: Causal, creative realms
    5th Density High: Soul (last level of individuality)
    6th Density: Oversoul (social memory complex)
    7th Density: Master oversoul, atmic plane
    8th Density: Avatar planes, celestial heavens
    9th Density: Christ planes, Buddhic planes, lower God worlds
    10th Density: Higher God realms
    11th Density: Universal realms
    12th Density: The source; the mystery, the Tao
    13th and beyond: The void, unmanifested creation


    We are already living the paradigms of the first four densities. The 4th is the last density of duality and the realm of karma and where the laws of cause and effect come into action in our existence, if we are governed by those rules.

    It is where we can create ‘heaven or hell’  depending on the level of our consciousness.

    The 5th dimension is in fact just the beginning of the new golden age. It is where true unconditional love and the seeds of unity consciousness begin.

    On this retreat, we are just visiting these dimensions. Some of the frequencies you will be able to anchor and hold, and some maybe not at this time.

    As you evolve, ascend and heal your own personal life story, the more you will be able to sustain the vibrations of the qualities of  higher dimensions.

    Do not rush! It is not a race.

    In divine time, when you are ready, Source will give you the access to hold and live through the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions.

    On this retreat,  one of the many journeys we will take, will be to explore these densities, with little disclosure of what might be there! It is part of developing our ESP skills.


    Excerpt from the ESP Developement retreat.

    27-29 June