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    Meditation disclosure – outdated or overrated?

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    The seven NON TRUTHS about meditation:

    1 You must do it to awaken, to raise your consciousness, or evolve or attain enlightenment. 

    2 Meditation is for everybody!

    3 You must be affiliated to a religion, a modality, new age or spiritual movement to do it.

    4 You must empty your mind of all thoughts to do it.

    5  You must be in a serene environment, (silence, candles, incense, music).

    6 The best way to do it, is with hallucinogenic stimulants, including synthetic or natural, such as  mushrooms,  ayahuasca,

    7 You are shallow, imbalanced or unhealthy if you don’t meditate!


    The seven  TRUTHS about meditation:

    1 Many concepts of meditation are outmoded. They are founded in severity, restriction, extreme obedience, and ‘learning through suffering’. 

    2 To be meditative, comes in many forms. It could be as simple as going for a long drive or walk. To be meditative can happen when engaged in any physical activity, such as a run, a shower, or a craft. The key is to be engaged in something that is inspiring, creative or pleasurable, providing it is not a violation to natural laws.

    3 Meditation is: to put focus or observation on a specific image, thought, sound or activity. It is to be present and engaged on your point of attention. It is perfectly natural for the mind to slip in to thoughts and fidgeting. Let it! 

    4 Meditation is also: When the point of attention disappears, and is replaced with a feeling of automatic simulation. This means one is still engaged in the activity, without feeling they are performing it. This can be compared to being ‘in the zone’ when going for a run, or when a plane is in autopilot mode.

    5 You can meditate in any position of body, hands and feet. There is only one must – be comfortable!

    6 Meditation duration can be any amount of time, from a few minutes, to longer depending on activity involved and experience. Quality is of greater importance than duration.

    7 Be creative in the way that you do it. Choose a style that suits you. There are many one can read or listen to. Guided meditation techniques are useful providing the content is based in Universal natural law and truth. 



    Suitable for beginners and advanced, here are fusion7  meditation processes, in  mp3s, available here: