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    How to retrieve data from your future

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    Without memory, there is no time. Without time, there is no evolution for the cosmos.

    All things move through the universe and this requires a certain amount of ‘time’. In truth, the way we measure time here on earth has been distorted for millennia, but time is used as a unit for measurement of movement, from one point to the next, for everything travels and moves through the cosmos.

    For the benefit and assistance of our planetary evolution, many indigenous cultures have told us through the ages that there is a need to return to a more authentic system of time keeping, as opposed to the one humanity currently uses.

    The Cosmos is in itself a collection of data. Therefore, by accessing this universal ‘memory system’ we can heal many events. We do this by transferring ourselves across this system instantaneously through tunnels, or ‘star gates’.  These tunnels connect all dimensions, experiences and all that is. It is therefore crucial to know the difference between an organic star gate, derived from the Source and a ‘wormhole’ which could take us into unpleasant places or situations. This is why in f7h we always get check clearance from Source, and always refer to the G.L.I.W which is divinely sourced.

    The action of accessing these alternate experiences can be described as time travel to past/future lives.  I preferred to call it Trans Temporal Experiences; T.T.E’s, which means Beyond Time.

    We then further apply the terms ‘Regression’ for moving back, ‘Progression’ for moving forward in time. Again, these terms are tools for the sake of our minds’ ability to comprehend from our current point of conscious awareness, the direction and location from which we wish to retrieve data. (Yes we can ‘retrieve’ data from future experiences!).

    Exerpt from the f7h class,  Science of Karma & Reincarnation http://fusion7healing.com/?page_id=374