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    How to identify disease patterns with TCM

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    Identifying disease patterns

    Miscellaneous Causes of Disease:

    Poor constitution
    A person’s constitutional strength depends on the health and circumstances of their parents, particularly at the time of conception, because the child’s Pre-Heaven Essence is formed by the fusion of the parental Essences. It also depends especially on the mother’s health during the pregnancy. A severe shock during pregnancy is also detrimental to the health of the child. Many childhood diseases, particularly whooping cough, indicate a weak constitution. Pre-Heaven Essence can be prematurely drained through overwork, inadequate rest, alcohol, excessive sexual activity or can be preserved and enhanced by Tai Qi Quan, meditation, breathing exercise, and Qi Gung. The constitution determines how much Qi you have in reserve to combat any stress factors that might undermine your health. Small ears with short ear lobes, according to the Chinese, show constitutional weaknesses.

    Poor dietary habit
    From a Chinese point of view, diet can be unbalanced from a quantitative and a qualitative point of view. Malnutrition is such a problem, found all over the world. It seriously weakens the Qi and the Blood and results in Spleen Deficiency. It is caused by eating food with no calorific or nutritive value, or by adhering too strictly to fixed diets. Trying to lose weight by not eating enough is also detrimental.

    Over-eating also weakens the Spleen and Stomach, and leads to retention of Food characterized by a bloated feeling in the Stomach, belching, nausea and gastric reflux (heartburn).

    Excessive consumption of food that is hot or cold in energy can also be detrimental. Large quantities of cooling food (fruits, fruit juice and ice cream, salads) can injure the Yang of the Spleen. Excessive consumption of sweet foods and sugar also blocks the Spleen function and leads to Dampness. Oily, fried and greasy food, including deep-fried food, milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice-cream, bananas, peanuts, fatty meats, should be reduced in amount, as it may cause Dampness. Excessive consumption of hot food (alcohol and spicy food) should be reduced by those who are Yin deficient, especially of the Liver and Stomach.

    It is not only what one eats, it is also the way one eats it. Eating in a hurry, going straight back to work after eating, eating late in the evening, eating in a state of emotional tension can lead to Stomach Yin deficiency. The main problem is a lifestyle one, and that is what has to be changed.

    This is a frequent problem in the West. Insufficient rest over a period of months or years means that the body has to draw on Jing (Original Essence) for additional strength. There are three types of overwork: mental overwork; physical overwork; excessive physical exercise.

    Physical work depletes the Spleen-Qi. Repetitive use of muscles may cause localized Qi or Blood stagnation. Irregular and exhausting exercise depletes the Qi. Excessive lifting can deplete the Kidneys and the lower back, and so does excessive standing.

    Mental overwork includes working long hours in conditions of extreme stress, eating irregular meals, being always in a hurry, over a long period. Over thinking depletes the Spleen, while the irregular diet depletes the Stomach-Qi or Stomach-Yin which can lead to a Kidney-Yin deficiency.

    Exercise is good for the health, but not when done to the point of exhaustion. However, lack of exercise also leads to stagnation of Qi, and this can lead to Dampness. Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan are good for those deficient in Qi who do not have enough energy for more rigorous exercise.

    Excessive sexual activity
    Excessive sexual activity depletes one’s vital energy. The body draws on Essence at ejaculation and orgasm. Excessive sexual activity depends on the strength of one’s Essence which reaches a peak during the twenties and then declines slowly. If the constitution is strong, more activity is possible. Men’s ejaculation is more depleting than women’s orgasm, but a woman loses Essence through the process of childbirth. Sexual activity not leading to ejaculation in men is thought to be non-detrimental to health

    Excessive sexual activity is one that leads to marked fatigue, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, lower backache, weak knees and frequent urination. Sexual activity should be seriously curtailed if there is Qi or Blood deficiency, or especially in the presence of a weakness of the Kidneys. Men are more affected than women by a Kidney weakness (women’s sexual energy is more related to Blood than men’s which is more related to Essence). Lack of sexual activities is also considered a disease.

    Kidney-Yang deficiency may lead to a lack of sexual desire or to an inability to enjoy sex or reach orgasm. In men, it can lead to impotence and premature ejaculation.

    Kidney-Yin deficiency may lead to excessive sexual desire that can never be satisfied. The person may also have vivid sexual dreams resulting in nocturnal emissions in men and orgasms in women.

    Kidney-Essence and Kidney-Yin are important for the nourishment of the Uterus, and their deficiency may cause infertility in women.

    Trauma includes physical accidents such as broken bones and bruising. A slight trauma causes Stagnation of Qi, a more serious one, stasis of Blood. In all cases, it causes pain, bruising and swelling. It may cause long-term stagnation of Qi if combined with other factors such as External Dampness.

    Too little rest, and a person cannot transform food into Blood and Body Fluids; too much rest, on the other hand, leads to Dampness and Stagnation.

    this includes the side effects of any medical treatment, and illnesses caused by medical treatment.


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