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    How to be a craftsmen in selecting the right path.

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    1. Make time and effort to discern between white magic of nature, and black magic of evil men.

    2. Be aware of approaches that make claim to over simplified, quick fixes.

    3. This is an age of speed and consumption. It can create and reinforce the slavery matrix and the illusion of artificial power.

    4. Instant gratification is temporary and addictive. This is a strong indication to create a shift and find the middle path, the Sacred Neutral.

    5. The platform of speed and consumption have allowed for a dangerous breed of ignorant teachings.

    6. All energy and vibrational healing has a foundation in metaphysics. This knowledge and the study of it is prerequisite for the student on a path of liberation, truth and empowerment.

    7. The true powers of healing and metamorphosis require no mediators from the ethereal realms.
    With organic, moral and just guidance and selection, the avatar and mediator of transformation emerges from within.