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    How can I identify faux spirituality and healing modalities?

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    It is the age of truth, and more of it surfaces every day.
    These are the virtues that f7h is based upon my friends.
    People everywhere begin to realize, re evaluate, and re align.
    We do not need mediators, prayers or worship to deity or ethereal beings.
    This is to give away our power.
    This is to reinforce the reincarnation mechanism.
    This is to reinforce false data in the akashic records.
    Identification with guides, angels, archangels and masters is an old paradigm that is not coherent to soul realization or liberation.
    Those of us that choose to awaken, we need to ask ourselves;
    where does this need for this identification come from?
    What is lacking or void within me?
    What is it that leads me to substitute with prophets or methods of prostration?
    Is it eons of collective spiritual conditioning?

    Here is how to recognize false spiritual concepts and systems:
    Initiations in the name of beings.
    Being commanded.
    Spiritual ego.
    Spiritual hierarchy
    Connection to individual beings/gods/goddess/entities/galactic/cosmic groups, as well as a
    Spirit groups of ancient advanced civilizations.

    Of course there are beings that are benevolent. The more practice we get in reconnecting with Primary Source, the more we will be able to discern the realm of the real.

    Primary Source, light, sound frequency. These are the raw organic components of the multiverse, of everything we ever were, are, and to ever be.