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    Higher Purpose Alignment – What is my soul agenda?

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    It is time to reveal what you came here to be and to do.

     In order to be in Higher purpose alignment, disclosure is prerequisite. This means to clarify firstly, what you are not, and indicating if your current direction, is on course or off course.

    And of course, everything is on course form the greater perspective, however, by clarifying awareness at soul level, we can learn the short cuts, or the better avenues to being in our soul zone, in the physical domain.

    Perhaps the soul itself, is on discourse, yes its possible, as even though it is truth that the the soul is the wisest aspect of self, it too is learning and upgrading, just as we are,  just as is Primary Source of all creation.

    When we have disclosure, the there are specific practices to apply, that clear all disruptions and erroneous data from our being, so that alignment is possible.

    This is then followed by another template of ancient practices to set the alignment process into action. Creating first the correct conditions at the macro, non physical level, and at the micro sub atomic levels within. 

    At this point, we are ready on the physical domain to set the wheels in motion. Prioritizing what we were destined to to ever become, which is what we have always been.

    Follow up blogs on the processes, over the coming days.


    f7h Higher Purpose Alignment Retreat 

    4-5 July