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    Glossary and definition of metaphysical terms:

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    1. That from which all arise:
    Primary Source, God, Universal matrix, Divine Mind, Creation/creator. The Singularity, Monad, Brahma.

    2. Ethereal Collective groups:
    spirit, spirit family, over soul, soul family.

    3-5 Artificial domination and control systems:

    3. Repetition and or recycling physical lives:
    Karma, karmic debt, reincarnation.

    4. Archonic grid:
    Beings, deities, angelic representations, selected entities and star races that are false ego based demanding or imposing worship.

    5. Akashic records:
    With regards to this universe – a record of galactic history, contents of which also found in this planet, manipulated and distorted.

    6. Indeviduated unit of ethereal non matter:
    Soul, ego, original ego.

    7. Energy centers, chakras, harmonic focal points:
    These points exist throughout many locations throughout the cosmos. Transducers of relevant frequencies in relation to their function.

    8. Electromagnetic field, toroidal field, human energy field, aura, auric field, energy bodies/fields:
    Conductors and transmitters of high and lower frequencies of consciousness according to the hosts level of individual and collective evolution.

    9. Love:
    Pure photonic intelligent light frequencies that are non emotional and non local emanating and pulsating from the heart of All That Is. The frequency that holds together the fabric of existence.