Fusion 7 Healing


    What is it?

    Fusion7healing – The leading edge of Transformation, ascension and evolution techniques.

    F7h practices work exclusively in alliance with the highest frequencies and levels of consciousness.

    Accessing and activating cosmic elements to shed individual & collective limitations & interferences.

    Accessing and activating cosmic elements to awaken and enhance individual & collective potentials.

    Classes that provide the student with wisdoms from many sciences: metaphysics, consciousness, quantum mechanics and energetic practices.

    F7h classes are designed to enhance individual gifts and express the individual expression and style of the student. There are choices as opposed to rules.

    The student will transform the self with f7h classes. One can then choose if they wish to practice their techniques on others.

    One can practice professionally after a set duration of practice, if they wish. Discuss this with your Teacher.

    F7h sessions & classes are a member of the CMA United Kingdom. (Complimentary Medical Association)


    How does it work?

    Using 7 key components of the Universal Energy Field activated by the facilitator, to heal the 7 areas of the Human Energy Field which contains all that we are. This is based on the Hippocratic concept of “Like treats Like”, as we are made of the very same stuff of the Universe.

    Using terminology that our minds understand is useful guidance to the root cause of a problem, in Fusion7 we recognise these issues in ‘energetic form’. Its about getting back to the basics of all that we are.


    Why Fusion7Healing?

    The healing can be carried out without depending on physical contact, props or tools. It is a completely self sufficient method of healing. All that is required is consent of the recipient, and the facilitators highest intention. It’s crucial for a professional healer to reach and assist wherever the recipient will be.

    Fusion7Healing restores, emotional and psychological health. Transforms relationships. Resolves blocks of past, present and future. Heals situations and environment. It is safe, natural and highly effective.


    Create Your Own Miracle:

    In taking the Fusion7Healing course, one’s life has the potential for dramatic positive change.

    You will receive step by step guidance how to:

    •  Use the 7 components of the Universal Energy Field
    •  To produce, thorough, in depth results
    •  Enhance higher perception abilities and altered states of consciousness
    •  Explore ALL brain waves, best suited for the students level and situation
    •  Perceive and restore the physical, energetic bodies and energy centers
    •  Discover the power of remote/distance healing
    •  Learn a broad range of techniques, giving the freedom and inspiration to select and create one’s own expression of healing,  making the student a versatile healer
    •  Learn to practise simple, powerful, breath, sound and movement work, to enhance and activate the highest potential


    Upon completion of the Foundation Course, you will receive the FUSION7HEALING Certificate and can practise on others!