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    F7h on karma & reincarnation cycles

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    cycles-of-times-celestial-clock-cathedral-jean-lyonF7h how to renounce the self from karma & reincarnation:
    1. Study material about metaphysics and quantum realities.
    3. Study about, and or meditate on, soul and cosmic sciences.
    4.Resolve all and any issues involving guilt, shame or blame, from any parts of your multidimensional self.
    4. Understand that negative frequencies that you transmit, or allow self to receive, feed the reincarnation mechanism.

    Reasons to exit the cycle:
    5. To exercise ultimate free will and free choice.
    6. True mastery of creation and co creation.
    7. Activation of optimum I Am Presence potentiality, means that if called for, we can recalibrate dense frequencies at any location in the multiverse.