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    Earth and Humanity – A Higher Awareness

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    War and crime are the oldest pollutants on earth. They are by products of fear.

    Erroneous systems: agricultural, education, law, healthcare, economic, political and religion, also feed the fear mechanism.

    Fear is the product of the survival mechanism.

    The survival mechanism is the product of the birth-death matrix.

    The survival mechanism feeds the breeding/procreation programme.

    The birth-death matrix feeds duality into the morphogenetic field.

    Duality keeps us in a state of ‘I need’.

    Addiction is the product of ‘I need’.

    Addiction creates distorted instinctual impulses that plug in to threat/danger/survival frequencies.

    Our addictions keep us collectively entranced and locked into social and cultural conditioning.

    The cycle is recreated; through our conscious and unconscious addictions we participate in killing to survive. Whilst we harm other beings, we remain savages. Whilst we feed from death, we are locked into cycles of karma and reincarnation. By submission to erroneous systems we reinforce physical deterioration & psycho/emotional corruption into our existence and into earth’s biosphere.

    It is time to redefine our physical identity.

    Solution: Deconstruction and reconstruction of the morphogenetic field, upgrade human consciousness, and the earth’s grids.


     Fusion7healing, school of truth retrieval and metamorphosis.