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    Discover the male and female vessels Of TCM – Why are they important?

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    The Governing and Conception Vessels.

    Each have two energy flows on the anterior and posterior vertical midline of the body. Each vessel’s pathway is complete, being composed of an ascending energetic flow and a descending energetic flow. The duality of these two medial lines join at the extremities (the head and perineum), forming one complete circle of energetic current.

    Bothe vessels are superimposed on each other, with the energy of the Governing Vessel being predominant up the back and inferior down the front (behind the Conception Vessel); the energy of the Conception Vessel is predominant up the front and inferior down the back (behind the Governing Vessel).

    The energetic flow of the Conception Vessel corresponds to Yin, negative polarity, the female aspect, and responds to bass tones; while the energetic flow of the Governing Vessel corresponds to Yang, positive polarity, the male aspect, and responds to treble tones.

    It is important to understand the energetic potential of these two currents flowing in both an ascending and descending direction on the posterior and anterior vertical midline in the body. The energetic movement of these two currents explains why there are two opposite directions of focused concentration used in energy cultivation meditations. One direction follows The Microcosmic Fire Cycle along the Governing Vessel (up the spine and down the chest) to stimulate the emotional regulation of the acquired mind (Zhi Shen); the other direction follows the Microcosmic Water Cycle along the conception Vessel (up the chest and down the spine) to stimulate spiritual intuition and activate the perceptions of the Yuan Shen.

    Holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth connects the Governing and Conception vessels, and forms what is known as the Small Heavenly Circle, or the Microcosmic Orbit.


    Excerpt from f7h TCM INSIGHTS RETREAT:

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