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    Awakening the Avatar of Cosmic Wisdom from within

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    The fact that you are here is a miracle. That you are living this life, on this earth, is a miracle. You and I, everything and everyone else, are no exceptions.

    Hippocrates told us that like attracts like. Therefore, our souls incarnated to this planet, as we are attracted to the miracle frequencies this earth emits. Just as this earth creates, we too are co-creators. We all have the potential to harness miracle frequencies of our very own after we understand how everything is and that everything has vibrational frequency.

    That is what this book is essentially about. My experience created a life bursting with infinite, boundless miracles, and so can yours. My experience was also fraught with desperation that eventually gave birth to a miracle.

    This book is about the ability to understand the wants of the intellect, the false needs of a false ego, what disease or even relationship dis harmonies are really telling us, and why they are part of our experience.We can then learn how to apply the tools provided to resolve them.

    It is about a soul journey that reveals the eternal nature of being. It is for those with a keen interest in metaphysics, the mechanisms of life, the body, energy frequency, our cosmic nature, and most importantly, transformation from where we are to where we our soul would love us to be.

    Those of you that have resonated with this work will enjoy an exciting plethora of mystical gifts.

    We are the avatars of our own cosmic wisdom.


    Expert from the book “The Miracle Frequency”.