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    All you need to know about the 'chakra' system

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    1. Description: a spiraling and spinning vortex made up of a specific number of smaller vortices, each one related to a specific function of the operations of our multidimensional self.

    2. Also known as energy centers or harmonic focal points.

    3. Function: to receive and transmit relative frequencies in accordance to their density and location.

    4. Each one has a corresponding: color, frequency, harmonic (sound) element, meridian/Nadi, geometry, organ, body system, thought and emotion.

    5. Each one has a corresponding geographic, galactic and cosmic location.

    6. Energy centers are infinite in terms of quantity and metaphysical function.

    7. The removal and or shutting down of the harmonic focal points has become popular in esoteric circles.
    The HFP are not an artificial mechanism. They may however have been contaminated or manipulated. Just as with your physical instrument, Proceed with higher discernment before engaging in surgery to remove anything from your space.