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    A personal journey of transcendence;

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    I was Born and baptized Christian orthodox,

    However as a child, my mum would scream ‘go to church once in a while!’
    And I would shout back ‘ I don’t need to go anywhere to speak with God!’
    At 28, M.S struck, and I was unable to take orthodox medication, so the journey was dark, lonesome and long.
    Although always intuitive, I needed logical answers equally.

    I had esoteric, and near death experiences when I was sick, however I don’t actually subscribe to any religion, new age culture or modality.

    The esoteric experiences plus those of deep suffering, as a result put me on a quest for Truth, and deep Gnosis.
    The investigation, study and implementation of metaphysics, quantum, alchemy, geometry, esoteric cosmology and astro physics set the records straight, revealing the understanding of Apotheosis and the nature of all that is.
    In seven years my condition reversed, and my life changed for ever.
    My destiny is helping others remember and retrieve their essence, reclaim their own sovereignty and their micro and micro truth.
    Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my story.

    Real life events, the inspiration of mnay lifetimes works; fusion7healing processes, and my book, “The Miracle Frequency”.